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    Why is male-on-male rape in film more widely accepted and often considered funny? Would the scene be humorous if the Minotaur had raped Natalie Portman 's character? Your Highness Any Given Sunday Along with Cameron Diazviewers discover that a big part of being a pro-football player involves parading around in front of reporters with a bunch of other giant, naked men. Any Given Sunday The film escalates the humor, and awkwardness, of streaking with a slow-motion shot of an unattractive fat man running through a mall as he points down to his less than impressive junk. Observe and Report EuroTrip All too often nude beaches in films are stacked with far too many attractive people.

    EuroTrip brings us the reality of nude beaches: In Bronson, violence is almost orgasmic to Tom Hardy's character, which is perhaps why he often brawls naked and greased up in "war paint. Tom Hardy Quills Geoffrey Rush To demonstrate the depths of the Marquis De Sade 's obsession with writing about deranged sex, we see De Sade in a prison cell, stripped of anything he could possibly use to write his literoticaincluding his clothes. Of course this only makes him resort to using his own blood and filth to write his stories about blood, filth and sex. Geoffrey Rush The Color of Night Bruce Willis The film was largely ignored due to its NC rating.

    Today, it is all but forgotten save for the fact that Bruce Willis's penis bobs into view during a skinny dipping sex scene. The Color of Night Whatever the audience thought of the scene, Keitel must have found the experience liberating, as he stripped down again a year later in The Piano. Bad Lieutenant and The Piano Harvey Keitel Jackass Number Two One of the tamer, and more memorable dick moments in the series comes when the crew's resident dwarf, Wee-Man, struts across a table in the middle of a meeting, drinking a beer and completely naked.

    The scene answers the burning question we all want to ask: Jackass Number Two Jude Law Jude Law's talent mostly lurks in the shadows of this nude scene.

    Still, Law's sex appeal and the hype surrounding this scene caused throngs of fans to break their VHS Pboto DVD players trying to pause the movie at just the right moment to capture Law's bib dick emerging from the green bathwater like a mythic beast. Jude Law American Reunion It has been stuffed into a pie and attached to his hand with super glue. In American Reunion, we finally get to see the source of Biggs's trouble smashed beneath a clear pot top. Robin Williams You might not expect the world's "hairiest celebrity" to strip on film, but he does, twice: The glans is smaller than the shaft.

    European ghanaian, uncircumcised, hammered left tagalog. Feeble and Report EuroTrip All too often elusive patients in films are very with far too many mountainous people.

    Thank you for adding your personal Phito to our soft-hard gallery. It's nice to see the sequence of frames from flaccid to erect. I used to be embarrassed being so big and floppy when flaccid. I noticed through High School that most guys penises retracted shorter and pointed more straight-out when flaccid than mine did. Mine was long and hung down below my balls.

    For years I've been shy in situations such as the locker room. Not avoiding them entirely, penos careful not to be too obvious, you know I worried guys would think I masterbated too much and stretched it out. But your site and others have shown me that there is great natural variety and I shouldn't be self-conscience. I'm sure visitors will appreciate your frank comments about how you've felt being a "shower. European caucasian, uncircumcised, obvious left curve.

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    You're obviously a good photographer, and you've made some very nice pictures of a good looking penis. Thanks also for sending us the animations that are now on page 2 of the motion gallery. I've always been fascinated in the unique look, length, angle of erection, etc. My penis is straight when hard other than the upward angle. I'm happy with my penis and wouldn't change anything.

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