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    What is a Nadi Reading?

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    The current life path of a person is determined by past Karma. It is like a person who has saved a lot of punyas in his or her account cashing it in when the need arrives.

    Retrieved Proficient 22, So, the thoughts are pre-written and these accomplishments are prohibited even by the Nadi Quirks.

    Birth, death, rebirth and moksha are all controlled by our karma. Paapams activities that result in negative Karma are obstacles that may take long to dilute whereas punyas earned can be 'spent' astrologgy soon. From the Hindu point of view, thub makes it astrrology that we always think good thoughts and do no harm to any other being. Bad Karma is committed even if we think unrighteous thoughts. What astrolog to be given to your lot in life, when, how and where are all decided by the Brahma using the Navagarahas and the Siddars as channels. As the Brahma cannot do everything in our realm directly, 84, Siddars have been created to perform duties on its behalf. Siddars are only another level of public servants in the cosmos, and they have capabilities and energies many would consider supernatural, although in Hinduism this is quite normal.

    Of all the siddars, 84, are identified as very powerful and these siddars express themselves by way of Naadi. Agathiyar is the leader of all Siddars. Agathiyar along with Kakapujandar, Bokar. Agathiyar always thrived for Jeeva Karunyam to not harm any beingi. A high drama was enacted outside a house in Phase 7, Mohali, when the police arrested 'Nadi' astrologer B Raju and his five helpers for fraud on Thursday.

    TNN Jun 26, A high drama was enacted outside a house in Naaei 7, Mohali, when ashrology police arrested ''Nadi'' astrologer B Raju and his five helpers for fraud on Thursday. B Raju, who had set up a Nadi astro,ogy centre, was held on the complaint of city based businessman Kanwaljit Singh Walia. B Raju claimed to be a native of Vaitheeswaran Kovil village in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, where the art of Nadi astrology can be traced to. One could get a general prediction or specific prediction or specific prediction based on the need. Chief Nadi Reader Sri Sivakumar Nayanar, is one of the most accomplished Nadi Readers who is carrying on his unique family tradition handed down from many generations.

    Thumb astrology Naadi

    These predictions which are written on the leaves are from the day the person comes to have the services of Nadi Astrology. So, the predictions are pre-written and these predictions are just read by the Nadi Astrologers. There is only one particular sect of people who have access to these leaves as this is a traditional service and is being practiced by generations downwards. In this generation this service is being given by Sri Dr. Then there must be millions of leaves written, one for each person in the world. But the leaves themselves state that only if the person has in his KARMA that he is to have the services of Nadi, he will get his leaves.

    However, if someone wants to come to India for an In-Person Reading, that can be done too. There is no difference at all.

    This htumb is very important as it identifies your leaf. The Nadi Reader looks for key elements to match such as the sounds of your name and the names of your parents and verification of certain astrological details at your birth. The Nadi reader will ask many questions, your answers should be yes or no, yes or no.

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